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Looking for the best ID scanner for bars, nightclubs and pubs? PatronScan is an ID scanning technology used by Venues across the UK.


Maximize your revenue and increase your profitability using the most sophisticated ID scanner app on the market.

ID Scanners For :

Bars and Clubs

I want information about the best available ID scanner for Bars and Nightclubs


I want to learn how an ID scanner can prevent violence and solve crimes


I want information about the best available ID Scanner for my hotel


I want information about the best available ID scanner for my Casino

Fake ID Scanner

PatronScan detects Fake, Invalid, Out of Date and Expired ID's - almost 4000 different types of ID cards, driving licenses and passports.

Age Confirmation

Minors are not allowed to consume alcohol. Using an ID scanner like PatronScan will help to minimize errors and keep your establishment safe from liability.

Stop ID Passing

The problem: Older brother enters your establishment using his legitimate ID, and then passes it back to his younger brother who tries to enter with it.

The Banned Patrons List

The Banned Patrons List: This is a list of patrons who have been kicked out of the venues for getting involved in vulnerable activities like fighting, sexual assault, drugs, theft and other bad behavior. Subscribe to this list to receive automatic updates on a daily basis.

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Iphone App

Free of charge iPhone App available within Apple app store

Licensing Authorities

Accepted for use by Licensing authorities across UK

cloud data storage

Registered GDPR Compliant and encrypted data storage over secured cloud server

biometric fingerprint recognition

Compatible with our additional feature of Biometric finger print recognition

membership & marketing

Provides additional feature of membership cards and marketing module for all registered members

Our clients say

"Q-systems and their ID scanning software is the best on the market and, in my opinion, has greatly reduced the amount of incidents for us and everyone that is currently using it, as it makes each individual patron accountable for their actions"
Sergio Maione
Owner of Empire Ballroom, Whiskey Jacks
“With Q-systems, we’re able to use the automated daily/weekly/monthly reports they send out to analyze data and the demographics of our patrons. This has helped us to expand our brand and become the most successful pub destination in Canada.”
Darryl Kostash
Director of Operations at Hudsons Canadian Hospitality
“Banff is a tourist destination that gets a lot of international IDs and the PatronScan ID scanning system has been able to scan the multitude of IDs that we encounter accurately and efficiently.”
Nadr Mavi
Owner of the Aurora Nightclub and The HooDoo Lounge
“I researched patron identification systems and ban and alert systems. We had a previous system but, it had fallen behind… We presently use four units in our venues and have found them to be user friendly and accurate in detecting false identification documents from around the world.”
Bruce Wahl
Security Manager at Granville Entertainment